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Subaru Vehicle Shopping Pages

Migration of Vehicle Shopping Pages (VSP) from legacy website to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). VSP is the core of the client's website to promote vehicle models and trims. Additional key applications were migrated such as Customer Support Pages (CSP) and Company sections (CST); both critical to keeping closer contact regarding customer relationship.

Two major key outcomes were accomplished:

  • Reduction of content authoring cost using AEM
  • Improvement of customer leads through modern application shopping tools applications

Complex AEM technologies and architecture were used to successfully accomplish the creation of such solution, featuring:

  • responsive layout
  • AEM client libraries
  • bundles
  • DAM
  • web services
  • tagging
  • authoring
  • single page application (SPA)
  • javascript
  • among others.

There have been ton of key projects from global navigation, AEM page conversion (will be ongoing), livestream (prepro pages), ride of her life site, mobile homepage, motorsports site and app to very important model loads of outback and legacy to love promise. I know I missed a ton in between. A lot of lost weekends, missed family time, hospital stays and a lot of long days and i thank you. We didn't miss a deadline and kept everyone happy. Yes at times we all can get on each other if feel feel things are slipping but we all have great respect for each other and the team work is shown each day!! The team communication and our ability as teams to feel we can speak up anytime is not seen in any other teams in SOA and is a big reason we are doing great things. You are the best teams around!!!

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