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Face Detector

Face Recognition even before FB

Face Detector is a program developed in C as a set of tools for Baby Builder solution.  We created a Web Service accepting images as input, doing face recognition then exposing the results as JSON data. Such results were rendered in the front-end.

Face Detector was a challenge solution since not similar solution were in market, so we created a first one from scratch.  We used openCV library to achieve that goal and open source haarcascades. In a learning-by-doing procedure we used this approach:

  • Loading the image in memory
  • Resize greater images to a predefined width and height
  • Converting the image to gray-scale
  • Normalize image's brightness and increases contrast
  • Running our algorithm to recognize faces
  • Expose results

Of course with such approach fake recognitions are possible on pictures but Face Detector is smart enough to avoid them.
* Screen shots provided also include fake detections.

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Several technologies where used, among others

  • C/C++
  • OpenCV
  • Cascades
  • Linux
  • JSON
  • Web Services

GJR has always been extremely professional, creating high quality software and most important of all, adequate to my needs, even-though I am not always capable of explaining what I need or more frequently have no time to explain in details. Erick is a good researcher and discovers this details by himself. Of the last two projects, baby creator needed a lot of research, and fertility/gestation tools were very valuable to my site

Face Recognition

Major Related technologies among others