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We are a software company

Get software development, applications and more

First, thank you for your time here.  We do software development, digital production and deliver awesome outcomes. We are highly passionate about what we do.  We serve specific niches and customers:

  • Automotive, health and energy industries among others
  • Top great customers
  • Cutting edge and start-up companies
  • Digital agencies

Many soft and hard skills and technologies are in our expertise, and we know the development process very well, starting from designing applications until deploying to production.

Please check around our website, I am confident we can help.

- Erick
When we all give the power, we all get the best

Facts and Outcomes

We success when you success

+10 Top Customers

Even fortune 100 companies run software made by us

+100 Solutions and Outcomes

From shopping tools, logistic to realtime events and face reconigtion

+10,000 lines of code

A high quality process to design, develop, deploy and deliver outcome

Our Services

We are confident to help you

get an AEM certified expert

Get AEM certified expert

Get an AEM certified expert. We are confident to help you.

Located in USA and Costa Rica

Strategic destination to get outcomes at lower prices

We are settled in Dover, Delawere, USA and Heredia, Costa Rica. Those strategy locations allows us to provide fantastic outcomes at lower prices in same time zone.

The Costa Rican people are educated, talented and receptive. Costa Ricans are known for being hard-working, talented, well-prepared, and ready to assume new challenges requiring high specialization. Authentic, co-operative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and always embodying our famous phrase, ‘pura vida’, pure life…

Costa Rica is a strategic destination for the operation of multinational enterprises. Up to the present date, more than 250 world-leading enterprises have chosen our country as a place in which to expand their operations. Costa Rica has become the preferred destination in Latin America for leading companies in the high-technology industry seeking to outsource their projects and development.

Costa Rica in a nutshell

Excellent Business Environment

  • 120 years of democracy together with our economic and political stability.
  • One of the highest GDPs per capita in Latin America.
  • The safest country in Latin America.
  • One of the happiest countries in the world.
  • 93% of our electricity generated by renewable resources

Strategic Location

  • We are few hours away from the most important capital cities in the American continent.
  • Direct flight connections with more than 35 cities all over the world.
  • The country has become one of the most important nearshore locations.

Qualified Workforce

  • 95% of the employees of multinational enterprises are locals.
  • Bilingual
  • Talented
  • Young


  • 142 highly-specialized companies which employ more than 46,400 people
  • Exports of almost USD$6 billion.
  • Shared services, software, entertainment and media, design and engineering, and contact centers.

We serve great customers