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Facts and Outcomes

We success when you success

+10 Top Customers

Even fortune 100 companies run software made by us

+100 Solutions and Outcomes

From shopping tools, logistic to realtime events and face reconigtion

+10,000 lines of code

A high quality process to design, develop, deploy and deliver outcome


Next a small list of awesome customer's projects we deliver

portfolio vehicle shopping tools project

Vehicle Shopping Pages

Migration of Vehicle Shopping Pages (VSP) from legacy website to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). VSP is the core of the client's website to promote vehicle models and trims

portfolio motorsports project

Rally Cross Motorsports

Subaru Rally Cross Motorsports (SRCM) is a key realtime solution based on advanced Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for authoring/backend and modern single page application (SPA) responsive layout for frontend

portfolio fundacion accenture project

Fundacion Accenture Project

Fundacion Accenture Project (FACC) is a prototype platform for receiving grants from employees and employee's initiative proposal to contribute to social causes such as environment, disasters, health, poverty among others

portfolio endesa project

Soluciones Integrales Endesa

Soluciones Integrales Endesa (SIE) is a complex but friendly eCommerce-like web based application created for the top energy provider in Spain in Energy Industry

portfolio key and critical apps

Key and critical website apps

Development of key and critical website apps in automotive industry. Many technologies and approaches were used, such as Single Page Application (SPA), web services, advanced javascript, model-view-controller pattern (MVC), javascript libraries. …

portfolio stockell insightcs

InsightCS Internationalization

With a stressed delivery timeframe and four months of hard work, we delivered several outcomes developing critical upgrades to Stockell Healthcare Systems's InsightCS software, so it be able to handle international data inputs and formats, such as:…

portfolio clinic med

Clinic Management System

Clinic MED is a fully Clinic Management System web based to lead all operations for a medical business, featuring: Automated Notifications, Patients Management, Physicians Management, Scheduling, Private Messaging, Specialities Management, Users…

Face Detector

Face Detector is a program developed in C that does face recognition in the pictures provided