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InsightCS Internationalization

Stockell Healthcare System

Stockell Healthcare Systems required to perform a critical upgrade to its proprietary InsightCS software, so it be able to handle international data inputs and formats, such as: date, time, phone number among others.

InsightCS system features electronic health records (EHR), a menu of options for managing key revenue cycle touch-points, including patient engagement, registration, scheduling, billing, collections, business analytics and reporting.

With a stressed delivery timeframe, we joined Prosoft Near Shore, so after four months of hard work, we delivered several outcomes:

  • Creating of Technical Design Documents
  • Development and debugging of the critical upgrading
  • Implementing stored procedures on MSSQL server and database
  • Testing and S.Q.A.
  • Version control (VS Team Server)
  • Among others

We used Agile and SCRUM methodologies, having daily stand-ups to get things on time.

Several technologies used, such as

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • C++, VC++ and C#
  • Stored Procedures on database
  • MSQL Server
  • Continuos Integration
  • among others

I think that the project was a success, and I'm thankful to have worked with such a great group of people. We got a pretty sizeable project done in a very short timeframe, and we wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without you

Ken Arand, Stockell Healthcare Systems - Chesterfield, Missouri USA

This was a difficult task and I appreciate all your hard work and attention to detail to make it happen

David Easterling, Prosoft Near Shore

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Major Related technologies among others