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Key and critical website apps

Development of key and critical website apps in automotive industry.  Many technologies and approaches were used, such as Single Page Application (SPA), web services, advanced javascript, model-view-controller pattern (MVC), javascript libraries (backbone, knockout, jQuery, modernizer, others).  Responsive and cross-browsing implementation, using semantic on code and markup.

User Experience (UX) to create modern and heavy site performance solutions yet including accesibility, among others.

Outcomes and apps summary:

  • Increased branding awareness with Social Media Sharing solution
  • Modern user experience to improve car quotes with Request a Quote solution
  • Highlighting of key vehicle features to show differentiator against competitors with Compare Vehicles solution
  • Exposing vehicles features to increase customer awareness with Models and Specifications solution
  • Among others

All products were created using different technologies and approaches:

  • SPA (single page applications)
  • Advanced javascript
  • Model-view-controller pattern (MVC)
  • Javascript libraries (backbone, knockout, jQuery, modernizer, etc)
  • Semantic both code and markup
  • User Experience
  • Crossbrowsing
  • Responsive and accessibility
  • Site performance
  • Others


From your client: You all did a fantastic job on this redesign. It's smooth, highly functional and looks fantastic. Excellent work in all facets. Fingers crossed that the MWES people agree. The timeline and scope were aggressive and this turned out really really well. A big SUPER AWESOME JOB to all of you. Your quick learning ability, your willingness to learn and apply knowledge and even share these new resources with the rest of the team, give you added value.

Sharon Romero, Accenture

Front-End Technologies

Major Related technologies among others