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Fundacion Accenture Project

Fundacion Accenture Project (FACC) is a prototype platform for receiving grants from employees and employee's initiative proposal to contribute to social causes such as environment, disasters, health, poverty among others. Liferay framework and Vaadin were used to be the core for complex and cutting edge controllers, components, models, assets, indexing, scheduling tasks, among many other framework's features.

Aside complex technologies used, the outcome points to an awesome user experience solution featuring:

  • Grants
  • Initiatives Management
  • Volunteer
  • Consulting
  • Rich and enhancement online reports and graphs
  • Social engagement
  • Among many others

Several technologies used, such as

  • Java
  • Liferay CMS
  • Vaadin
  • JSP
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • Mysql
  • Maven
  • Continuous Integration
  • and others

Hello Erick Romero Murillo! Just wanted to give a big THANKS to Erick for all the effort and giving the extra mile on Fundacion Accenture project, it's been hard and will continue to be complicated but you have been a great guide and support for the team.

Liferay Technologies

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